A Special Note for Authors…

When I couldn’t find a space in my price range to advertise my books, I built one. A fun, affordable, and creative space if I do say so myself. A place where new authors share space beside well-established authors, and self-published books can be found next to bestsellers. A place where books that were published years ago have a place next to brand-new releases.

But it’s so much more than a space to promote our books.

WELL READ Magazine is full of interesting articles and resources for readers and writers alike! My dream, and I’m working hard to make it happen, is to turn WELL READ into a true Literary Journal. A magazine that offers places for new authors to dip their toes in the water and see their work in print right beside established authors. A safe, fun, and supportive place where writers can share their stories and have a seat at the table-and a place where readers go to find their new favorites. Let’s find our readers!

If you’d like to order a FRONT, INTERIOR, OR BACK COVER –  click here. Front covers are going fast! Click the button to see availability. 

If you’d like to purchase an ad – click here

AUTHORS who’ve advertised: If you’d like to schedule an author takeover on the good news page send me the date and time and I’ll make your graphic, schedule the event, and set everything up for you.  

I wish I had time to interview everyone for the new YouTube channel and Podcast because they’re going to be great ways to promote ourselves and our books – especially with writers like George Singleton and all of the featured authors I have scheduled for upcoming issues. Next month, it’s Mary Gauthier and her book – Saved by a Song: The Art and Healing Power of Songwriting. She is a great writer and wonderful person with a HUGE following (over 200k monthly listeners on Spotify). I’m very excited to share her story (she really is amazing) and share WELL READ with her followers. 

There’s no way I can work everyone in BUT I have an alternative option if you’re interested.

For $25 I will convert and upload a video (up to six minutes) of you reading from your work and/or introducing yourself on the WELL READ Between the Pages YouTube channel and convert/create a podcast episode from the video. I’ll make all the graphics (different dimensions for each platform) with your headshot and book, and add live links to your website with a book description and share the links when they’re ready. All you’ll need to do is send me your video. My hope is that people who click on one video or podcast will stay on awhile to see the others. I would love to do it for free, but it will take at least an hour to finish each one. If you’re interested here’s the link to place your order.

Mandy Haynes

WELL READ Magazine

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