Advertise your book in WELL READ Magazine

Why should you advertise your book in WELL READ Magazine?

When you purchase an “ad” for $50, you get a full page slot in WELL READ’s What Are You Reading? section with a live link to your website and a live purchase link. Readers asked for full page, easy to read, “book recommendations” in place of traditional looking advertisements and I was happy to oblige. 

As a bonus, there are personalized individual graphics made of your book image and author photo (if you choose to purchase a two page spread or more) with excerpts from your book description and/or blurbs, bio, etc., shared to eight additional FB bookish accounts and to WELL READ Magazine’s Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook sites – (that’s 39K potential viewers). Click here to see some of the bonus graphics with descriptions on WELL READ’s Facebook account.

WELL READ is distributed through ISSUU (the world’s largest digital publishing and discovery platform available). WELL READ Magazine receives an average of 7,000 views each month.  We have readers from all over the world. Past issues are available and easily discovered on Issuu’s site. *All PAST issues, including the article and visual stories, remain active and are linked to the current issue. You can continue to share them for as long as you like.  

There is strength in numbers. Your “ad” will be included with the featured authors, great interviews, submissions, and the other fantastic books readers look for to add to their reading lists. 

Ordering process:

Orders are on a first come first serve basis. You do not create your pages – I do that for you at no extra charge.

I play with the font and leading on each page to keep them consistent and reader friendly. I pull the book descriptions, blurbs, author bios, and images from your website or other places on the internet. If you have specific content you would like included, there is a place for you to leave that information in the last section of the order form – you can also email with any questions.

When you click on the order form, there are detailed descriptions of advertising options that include images of actual pages in previous issues as examples. 

Once you place your order you will receive an invoice from three dogs write press. You’ll be able to find everything you need on the invoice to verify your order. Payment is expected on receipt of the invoice.

Why are the “ads” so cheap?

I started this online magazine because I’m an author myself. I understand how overwhelming and expensive it can be to advertise and promote our books.

I also understand the value of having spaces available for EVERYONE.

I’ve been told by several people that the price is too low – that there is a preconceived notion that low cost means less value. I refuse to buy into that. I’m determined to keep the cost of the interior pages at $50 and let the numbers speak for themselves.

Let’s get our books seen!

Click here to order INTERIOR PAGES 2023 & 2024 – including the half-off HOLIDAY SPECIAL FOR AUTHORS for December’s issue!

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You’re supporting a female-owned small business.

Very small. It’s just me behind the scenes – Mandy Haynes, Author, freelance writer, and owner of three dogs write press.


If you’d like to be included on WELL READ’s BETWEEN THE PAGES YouTube channel and/or Podcast,  I’ll edit your video for you, convert it to the different formats needed, create graphics with the cover of the issue you advertised in, and the image of your book. In the descriptions, I’ll add the book description from Amazon or Goodreads and a short author bio with a link to your website. 

The final recording will be sent to you for your approval before posting.

It’s easy! Just record a video on your computer, tablet, or phone (up to 10 minutes) of you introducing yourself, your book, and reading an excerpt – end with an invite for readers to follow you. The recordings will be a professional way to show your book off without having to do it yourself. 

There is strength in numbers – and you’ll be in the feed with the featured authors, the great interviews, and readings – and your graphic (with your information) will post to WELL READ’s Instagram account and good news group page.  You’ll also be able to use the finished project to cross promote on your website and social sites. 


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