Why You Should Advertise in WELL READ Magazine



You’re supporting a female-owned small business.

Very small. It’s just me behind the scenes – Mandy Haynes, Author, Freelance writer, and owner of three dogs write press.

As of August 1, 2022 WELL READ Magazine has received 17,000 confirmed views on the Issuu site alone! Each issue averages around 16,000 total views per month between the Issuu platform and all the social media sites combined. We have readers from all over the country checking in each month. Did you know that past issues are available and easily discovered on Issuu’s site? That means your pages are still active after the new issue comes out.

When you purchase an “ad/page” for $50, you get a full page with a live link to your website and a live purchase link. As a bonus, there are personalized individual gifs and graphics made of your book image (see three examples below – click here to see them with descriptions) and author photo if you choose to purchase a two page spread or more, with excerpts from your book description and/or bio shared to eight additional FB bookish accounts and to WELL READ Magazine’s Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook sites – 16K additional followers when combined. I also create personalized “article stories” for your pages on the ISSUU site that take readers directly to your pages. They’re great professional looking, eye-catching, promotional tools that you can share across all of your social media sites and embed on your website.

  • see the descriptions with the graphics here

Click HERE to see the different ads available, pricing, and to place your order

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