ANNIE ASKS Mandy Haynes

“Mandy Haynes has written two short story collections with both smart and entertaining storytelling. The moment you open these books you have to read until the end. Each story leads you into another exciting one to read. It’s her voice! Mandy is original, she doesn’t let go of that Southern charm that had me at hello. It’s hers and hers alone. The first book “Walking the Wrong Way Home” and the second, “Sharp as a Serpent’s Tooth – Eva and Other Stories”. She’s also written a novella, “Oliver”. She’s the editor of the anthology “Work in Progress”, and co-editor of the Southern Writers Reading reunion anthology, “The Best of the Shortest” that comes out later this year. The illustrious Mandy Haynes doesn’t stop there. She’s also the creator of this literary journal, WELL READ Magazine. ” Annie McDonnell

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