November’s here!

Hello Readers!

This month’s issue is filled with more great books to add to your reading list and new authors to follow. In part three of a four-part series, Dawn Major explores how William made the places we know in his work feel so real. Mystery Outside the Frame: An Analysis of William Gay’s Literary Landscapes.

Old fans of William’s will find some surprises – TEAM GAY has included segments of William’s writing that have never been published before! I’m beyond proud to share their work here and can not wait to hear what you think.

You’ll also find Making Connections with Julia Brewer Daily’s Podcast: Authors Over Fifty, a great Interview with Lea O’Hara by Suzanne Kamata, A fantastic article by Tara Lynn Masih, Allowing Ourselves to Be Visible: How Women Tackle the Awkward Author Headshot Session, that includes tips from authors Emma Bolden, Jen Knox, M. J. Rose, Mary McLaughlin Slechta, and Karen Dionne. We have something too good not to share thanks to Abigail Keam, a SCAVENGER HUNT, wit and wisdom from River Jordan, and more! ENJOY!

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